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Controlling Led using Blynk App .

Controlling Led From any where in the world.

Here we show very Basic Explanation of controlling Led form any where through Internet you can through all this or can see our video as well for Better understanding.

This could be your very first step to start with Home Automation project understanding and more.

It is assumed that you already have downloaded latest version of Arduino IDE. If not , you can download it from here .Click For Downloading- > Arduino IDE.

This is how your Arduino IDE will look like.

Step 1: Open Arduino IDE>New>Preferences

paste-”” in Additional Boards Manager URLs as shown in image below.

Step 2: Open Arduino IDE>Tools>Boards>NodeMcu-01( Select this Board).

Step 3: Download Blynk Libraries . Once you have downloaded the zip file of Blyn library you need to add it to your Adrudino IDE by_—–>Sketch>Include Laibrary> Add zip File>( and select the zip downloaded file where ever it is downloaded in your pc).

Step 4: Add code either you can Select From Examples or Just Paste the Code Below.

Don’t Forget to replace your Wifi-name and Password in above code .

Step 5: Download Blynk app from play store in your mobile phone . Add your email Address .Create new Project, Enter name for your project ,Choose Device (ESP8266) and Create.

Token will be sent to your registered email address.

Now make Button for Controlling (On/Off) your Led through your phone.

click on the plus button on upper Right side of the screen

select Button :

click on button >select pin( Digital,gp13 )

change mode from PUSH to SWITCH

Step 6: Now enter Token received to your registered email address into the code at ” Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass)” with auth with token recived and ssid with wifi name and pass with wifi password with the same.

Step 7: Upload the code into node mcu .Once code is uploaded sucessfully and all the parameters such as ssid password and token are correct. Your Blyk app of mobile will become online and you can controll the LEd on and Off through your phone from any where usinh Internet. Provided put your led into the pins accordingly here since we choose gp17 it is pin 7 will be connected to anode of Led while the Cathode is needed to be on Ground.

see this demonstration over here.


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