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What is IoT?

Everything you need to know about Internet of Things.

What is Internet of Things(IoT)?

Internet of Things,or Iot refers to the ability of performing particular task on electronic device (sensor) using internet when it is connected.It also refer to the ability  to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human interaction.

The Internet of Things is making the fabric of the world around us more smarter and more innovative, merging the digital and physical universes.Traditional fields of embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, control systems, automation (including home and building automation), and others all contribute to enabling the Internet of things. In the consumer market, IoT technology is most synonymous with products pertaining to the concept of the “smart home”, including devices and appliances (such as lighting fixtures, thermostats, home security systems and cameras, and other home appliances) that support one or more common ecosystems, and can be controlled via devices associated with that ecosystem, such as smartphones and smart.

Now lets see some Examples on Internet of Things.

  • Smart Irrigation System

In this example we will use sensor like Arduino-Uno , Water Pump , Soil Moisture Sensor and many more to identify moisture content of the soil .So after identifying moisture content of soil we will check whether the reading is above the threshold value.If it is above 100 that means soil is dry and water pump gets [On] and when the soil gets enough water from water pump then it gets [Off] automatically.

You can watch step by step demonstration in below video.

You can also go through this website:-

  • Controlling Led using ESP8266

In this example we will going to turn ON/OFF Led using Nodemcu (ESP8266 sensor).Our sensor will create local host on our device where we will click button for changing the state of led.

You can watch step by step demonstration in below video.

You can also go through this website:-


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